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Text Box: A UK Space Port?
Text Box: I took this photo some time ago at a Tyseley Depot during an open-day, and a jolly good time was had by all.

I thought that the cluster of main-line locos around the turn-table made a very good picture, but I realised recently that I had taken something rather special. I used the photo as a desktop backdrop and got a really good look at it and then day-light shone in the darkness.

I had taken a picture of what must have been one of first “launches” of a space-ship from the secret Birmingham Cosmodrome. If you look carefully at the right hand centre of the picture you can clearly see a ship ascending above a column of white smoke. The speed of the ascent can by the judged by the look of the smoke in the column, it has not yet had a chance to dissipate or lose form.

Finding this secret base is quite a surprise, who would of thought that we have sort of “Area 51” in the centre of Birmingham! It does however explain the millions being provided by the government undercover of financing HS2. Just imagine we will be able to by a ticket for the Moon, Mars, Venus and even Saturn or Jupiter, but fast, convenient  and cheap travel to London, Manchester and Sheffield may be another matter!

I personally remain doubtful, all I can see is our present express lines getting more crowded as HS2 trains leave the highly expensive (and un-built) sections of its own system to join the “rickety” Victorian lines, which are getting slower and slower as more and more 75mph freight trains take the places of our current express services.      
                                                                                                             Yours Cheerfully,   MPT