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I have a buddy of many moons standing, Steve by name, who hides in the wilds of Dorset with his partner, Anne Hathaway; I kid you not. I don’t think that there is any connection with “Will” who lived down road a bit, but you never know.

Steve recently discovered that he may be descended from a line of pirates who possibly plied the Spanish Main, at least that’s my thinking. I then discovered that my ancestors were possibly sheep-herders from the South Downs or thereabouts…….boring. Why do other people get all the glamour?

Anyway, I am to be mentioned in his will, maybe. Exactly how I am to be mentioned is yet to be made clear, but rum’s nice. Ahah, me hearties! Just lately he has been taunting me with the promise of a genuine S&D sign. (See right) As I said I have known him for a very long time and he obviously knows my sense of humour very well.

We both attended the Haymill College of Superior Knowledge (close to Burnham Beeches Station) in  the 19... (none of your business) period, which has now been blown-up or torn down either by the “inmates” or by the council to “improve” the area. Suffice to say that anyone who attended has a fund of memories and stories to tell. I was imported from a very Victorian school in Maidenhead and my mother insisted on accompanying me the first day!!! For heavens sake, I was over 12. Her first sight of the other pupils was a group lounging by the gates in frock coats, drain-pipe trousers and crepe-soled, suede shoes. She nearly took me home immediately and her alarm wasn’t made any better when she realised they were wearing “Prefect” badges!

Here is a piece of nostalgia for all other ex-Haymill refugees, who may be out there and took woodwork or technical drawing: 

 “What did you do that line with boy; a paint brush?

I don’t want to see  the lines, I just want to know they’re there!


Eyes down for two minutes hush for Uncle Sid,  the man who launched a thousand quips and even more impersonations.  Bless him.

Dear Old  Pals, Jolly Old Pals…………

Who Know Me So Well

Text Box: Since writing this Article I have received the tragic news from Anne that Steve had passed away.

He died from Septicaemia after having been rushed to hospital.

He leaves a loving wife and two children, and a long-time friend all of whom will miss him very much.