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Something Ancient Comes This Way

The Baby “Deltics”:

A New Short-haul Hope for the Eastern

The Speed of the diesel engine is continuously variable from 600 to 1600 rpm and the loading on the is automatically adjusted so that the engine will deliver the maximum available power output corresponding to the selected engine speed; thus the diesel engine runs at the lowest possible speed at which a given load demand can be met, reducing fuel consumption and minimising wear and tear.

A Confession


I regret that I have little intimate knowledge of this class in operation and only saw them operating in Kings Cross station. I did however see the entire class and they were a chip off the original block; loads of smoke when starting or accelerating and could be heard a long way away, like a rampant washing machine.


This page largely comes from an article in my store of mags, issued at the time of their introduction and gives what was regarded as the “full SP” for the class .


As we now know they did not last long and were quickly side-lined due to failures.


Even a full overhaul and revised engine parts by EE failed to make them reliable.  


I have looked for a better photo than this, maybe in colour and maybe ex-works, but cannot find one.