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An Ex-Bin With A View

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Oh My Poor Railways!

I am a fan of railways as all of you surfers may have guessed and it grieves me to see them hacked about and destroyed by politicians. Substantial monies are being wasted on flights of fancy rather than logic, while much needed repairs and upgrades are being starved of cash and not given proper support or encouragement. Projects are being sanctioned without being thought through to obvious conclusion. All planning seems to revolve around a fully functioning High Speed Line which performs and is capable of doing things which are obviously erroneous. Our functioning main lines are to be turned into largely freight lines (this is already occurring on the WCML) which will then run local services and freight while express services are largely transferred to the High Speed Line, of course most of this traffic will not stop at those towns and cities along the route (this of course is tough luck).  The further passed Birmingham you get the more likely you are to removed from non-existent HSL tracks on to those “rickety Victorian lines” which will then carry all the freight, local services and low speed minor expresses which will still serve those minor towns such as Manchester and Sheffield etc. the result-congestion and delay. This is of course while the existing services all over the country don’t get upgraded or maintained and those that do are done ineffectively with more and more “stop-gap” plug-ins to make it all work, albeit ineffectually.


Has some light dawned on Andrea Leadsom MP? (see left).


The right honourable M.P.TURNER

The Member of sanity for Water Orton.


Ex-Bin PS. Is freight traffic falling off? There doesn’t seem to be as much through here; Brexit maybe.