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The new wing under construction

A spot of remedial action to the front of the surgery.

Model constructors should note that the walls facing the car park have no windows in either the original form or the later extension. Also the entrance is a flat alcove which was symmetrical but is now slightly off-centre due to the addition of the new wall for the office extension.


To the right are the consulting rooms, which face the station car park, while below are the windows to the offices, including the new extension on the right of the picture. The big box on the wall is an air conditioning unit. Please note that the fence between the surgery car park and the consulting rooms has altered and the trees have grown apace between the sets of photographs

I hope that this is useful to all modelling “The Centre of The Universe”, there seems to be growing number of them, but some of them are sneaky and take on the disguise of a name change. I was enjoying doing a circuit of various exhibitions on u-tube when I suddenly realised that I was looking at Water Orton’s station building and road-bridge, there is no where else quite like it!   MPT

Doctor, Doctor ……………?