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If you cast your minds back to the pre-Christmas edition of this site you may remember the re-think that was to be considered regarding Water Orton’s fiddle-yard. In which I expressed concerns about potential bottle-necks in the plan. In particular here: O

Text Box: Mothballs Revisited

A glance to right quickly shows that the whole fiddle-yard has been readjusted to allow for simplified use. Unfortunately, much of the original flexibility has gone with it, but it now much more “user-friendly” for the operators.


The highlighted junction above remains largely the same but the potential for using the two lines of the scissor crossing have been expanded by the addition of two points cited here : O


Trains using the out main-line may now be directed across either side of the scissors crossing as can freight services from Birmingham. This hopefully will go some way to preventing

gridlock at this end of the fiddle-yard and replace some of the flexibility lost.


You may also note that the entire plan has been changed so that it now fits the original baseboards and gives the Sutton Branch a more prototypical exit from the main-line, ie much shallower. This appears simple on the plan but getting the curves within acceptable limits without the software telling me “you can’t do that there ‘ere” was anything but simple, but it did mean that I could do away with the fly-over, even though the line still had to rise and then fall, but in a shorter distance and not quite as high.


Now that is all very well and good on a computer program, but will it all work on the real thing? As any experienced modeller knows,  there is a world of difference between the plan, be it on paper or computer and the engineering needed on the real thing!