Waterstock   The Track Plan

Our model shows the junction at Waterstock, with the engine shed at its’ Western end (bottom left) and the single line to Thame at its’ Eastern (top right) with the new GWR/GCR triple line heading North East to Quainton Road.


Let us take a journey from West to East. As we enter the junction from under a road bridge on the left is the engine shed, which is larger than would be expected as it services engines for the Waterstock Town branch, the junction marshalling yards, trip workings to the iron-ore extraction site, and a considerable number of “visitors”. Travelling on we see the timber yard and sidings on the right, and approaching from the left the branch to Waterstock Town and the ore fields. There is a regular service to Waterstock Town, and a continuing freight service from the ore-fields of full and empty wagons. The ore is tripped from the extraction sites to the sidings on the Southern side of Waterstock where it is formed into large trains for haulage to their destinations, either North or South.


After this we enter Waterstock station. The Waterstock bay platform is on the left, the two main-lines are in the middle, while local services for both the GWR to Oxford-Princes Risborough (via Thame) and the GWR/GCR joint line Quainton Road to Didcot/Oxford leave from the platform to the far right (this leaves the main line free for express passenger and freight services to overtake). At the Eastern end of the station to the left is a bay for freight, postal services and cattle traffic. As we travel further East to the left is the coal merchants yard, and then the head shunt for the bay platform and coal yard. To the right  are sidings for marshalling freight, with the GWR single track line to Thame heading East on the far right. We exit the model along the main-line to Quainton Road under the A418 road bridge with the out-skirts of Shabbington village to the left.



Engine shed


Town Branch

Timber & Northbound Marshalling yard

Waterstock Station

Waterstock Town platform

Branch Yard

Southbound Marshalling Yard

To Oxford &

the South

To Thame & Paddington/


GCR Northbound


Sheffield etc.

Road Bridge

Coal & Cattle yard

The Eastern Approaches

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