Volume 19 Issue 1  April  2016

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Text Box: Chairman: Ken Jones 
0121 777 7062 
Email: westernsultan@hotmail.co.uk 
Treasurer: Edgar Mason

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West Midlands’ N’ Gauge Club




After four months' in post, I can confirm that time flies.


I want to thank our Web Meister for his constructive criticism of the Anniversary Issue.


I make no apologies for my raisin d'etre, or the lack of nuts - in my prose, it's just that I prefer raisins or

not - depending on my mood.


Just a reminder to my fellow WMNGC members that to be included in the next Members’ Contributions

section, your article must be with me by 20th July 2016.


Volume 19 Issue 2 will be published towards the end of July.

Newsletter dates for 2016/7.

Summer: July

Autumn: September

Christmas: December

Spring: March 2017


After the celebrations ended for our 20th year, anyone who thought we would have a quiet spring was mistaken. Individual members have been exhibiting their layouts all over the country and we helped to organise another successful exhibition of layouts at The Wonderful World of Trains and Planes. Some of our members were fit enough to return to the club meetings whilst others are still too ill to attend. We’ve taken to heart the layout donated by Derek Gibbin and have replaced some of the track plus we have an idea of what buildings and scenery are needed although fitting point motors is next on the agenda. Vince produced a special newsletter for the TWWTP exhibition mentioned above so the club is in full swing with business as usual, so pop along and see our layouts for yourselves. Don’t forget Tipton Hills and members layouts will be at The International N gauge Show in September.

Wagon Loads

Brian Darbyshire has found someone who can produce wagon loads in two forms for Merry Go Round trains and also a wagonload for limestone wagons. Let the chairman know if you are interested in these and we’ll try and place a big order. If not, he can put you in touch with Brian Darbyshire.