Volume 19 Issue 2† July† 2016

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0121 777 7062 
Email: westernsultan@hotmail.co.uk 
Treasurer: Edgar Mason



The countdown to "TINGS" has begun

I make no apologies for my raisin d'aitre, or the lack of nuts - in my prose, it's just that I prefer raisins or not - depending on my mood.

Just a reminder to all WMNGC members, that to be included in the next Membersí Contributions section, your article should be with me by

Saturday 17th September 2016.

Volume 19 Issue 3 will be published towards the end of September, this will of course include a Special Report on TINGS 2016 Ed.

Also we welcome two new members. Maurice Turner and Ken Daniels have become regulars,

and I look forward to articles from them soon Ed.

West Midlandsí Ní Gauge Club


I am writing this in June and it is officially summer hence the heavy rain we have had recently. Whilst some people put aside model railways in the summer to concentrate on gardening or holidays, our club continues with two meetings per month, although it is true that on some summer Saturdays we do only get a handful of members turn up.

That was not the case for the first Saturday in June when there was standing room only at tea / coffee break. If you are at a loss of what to do on a summer Saturday

afternoon especially if cricket and football doesnít interest you then feel free to pop in and see what we are doing with our layouts. You are always welcome.

Members' update

We have been checking up to see how some of our members are doing. We havenít seen or heard from them for a while so itís only fair that a club like ours contacts

people with ill health, for example:

Our webmaster Mike Turner who is always so active hasnít been seen since last November. He is now very lack lustre, out of breath and finds it difficult just to stand up, which anyone who knows him will think Iím describing the wrong person. After numerous blood tests to see if he is descended from royalty or lacking in vitamin D, (golly, am I that bad!† I must go to bed immediately.† MPT) the experts have agreed on the latter and think he has Polymyalgia Rheumatica. He is waiting for another appointment at hospital where he hopes to be prescribed steroid treatment which means he wonít be taking part in the Olympics. His wit is still there though, but you have to search for it. I think he is suffering from HS2 exhaustion. He has devoted so much energy fighting HS2 that his body has probably done more in two years than others would do in ten and consequently has in effect shut down. We might write a thesis on this. In the meantime please support his latest website updates at www.wmngaugeclub.co.uk

We have been in touch with John Catley who is now heading a charity organisation in Wolverhampton plus still working a couple of days a week. This means he has decided to give up N gauge modelling, although he may visit us in due course.

Pam and Derek Purves have put N gauge on the back burner as they have both been unwell during the last few months. Pam has had cataracts removed from both eyes and Derek has had physio treatment on his left leg. Alfred Hill was one of the founding members of the group, his daughter writes: " Dad has, unfortunately, moved into a Care Home, not an easy decision. He suffered a stroke at the beginning of last year, he was making a really good recovery but nine months ago he started with recurrent chest infections which have a devastating effect on him making him sleepy, hallucinate and confused. So even with care in place and my input he wasn't safe at home on his own and also he was very lonely."

So we pass on our sincere best wishes to Alf, who still looks forward to his daughter reading him a copy of our newsletter. We havenít heard from Tony Butler, but Vince tells me he is active on Facebook.

By the time you get this Rodney Hodge will have had another operation on his eyes and hopefully that will bring his sight back to as near normal as possible because he does so much for many model railway groups not just ours.

We wish all these members and anyone else suffering in pain or ill health a speedy recovery.

Ken Jones

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