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Text Box: Chairman: Ken Jones 
0121 777 7062 
Email: westernsultan@hotmail.co.uk 
Treasurer: Edgar Mason 
Editorial Address:  art1san1957@icloud.com

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Text Box: From The Chairman
I’m writing this at the end of May having just had a great holiday in the NE of England based at Marske, followed by the Chippenham bus rally and exhibiting my Layout on a tray at Model Bus Federation meeting at Wythall Transport Museum. While I was away I’ve had pictures published and articles in magazines including one on K & B Models in the latest NGS Journal. 
The most important news during my holiday was the damage to a model railway exhibition in a school building by young vandals which made the news all over the country. I’m glad the fund has continued to grow to help the modellers and traders try to repair any damage, but money cannot bring back the years of work that goes into building layouts. In all my years I have seen accidental damage done to some layouts and others have had some of their stock stolen, but never have I heard of deliberate vandalism and destruction as seen in this incident. It must be the worst nightmare for any exhibition organisers, and it is a really sad reflection of the society we live in today. The destruction meant the exhibition could not go ahead, meaning they had also spoilt the weekend for all the modellers and families who intended to visit the show. Changing the subject then I’m pleased to say our club will be open as usual for members, visitors and guests as per the dates in this newsletter, so please pop in during a club meeting – you’ll be made very welcome. Layouts Whartson Hall – The layout went to the Lutterworth show 
Changing the subject then I’m pleased to say our club will be open as usual for members, visitors and guests as per the dates in this newsletter, so please pop in during a club meeting – you’ll be made very welcome.

I make no apologies for my raisin d'aitre, or the lack of nuts - in my prose, it's just that I prefer raisins and my nutritionist says I should have them as one of my five-a-day.

Just a reminder to all WMNGC members, that to be included in the next Members’ Contributions section, your article should be with me by Friday 20th September. Volume 22 Issue 3 will be published towards the middle of that month.             VP


Exhibitions - Club Layouts       

Our exhibition manager is David Griffin

Contact: davejgriffin@outlook.com

Whartson Hall went to Lutterworth                   By Jeremy Edwards

On Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th of May Whartson Hall was present at the Lutterworth Railway Society’s Model Railway Exhibition and Classic Bus Display.

Permanent staff were Jeremy Edwards, Dave Griffin and Mike Turner (complete with a range of chairs). On Saturday staffing was supplemented



 Whartson Hall – The layout went to the Lutterworth show being transferred in David’s and Jeremy’s cars.

I was there the second day, along with other club members, and the layout was generating quite a lot of interest. Some of the coloured signals failed during the weekend – Len and Edgar have now fixed them. We need to find a way of better transporting the boards by building ends like we do when transporting “Waterstock”. Phil had done a lot of work to the front scenery prior to the exhibition and it looks good. There is more scenery to finish, including the area around

the road bridge, the station and the back scene. Dennis has 3D printed a kit to make the station “bus shelter” waiting room, David is working on the station steps and buildings.

Waterstock - Some general housekeeping on the layout has been carried out over the last few meetings: - Linn has cleaned the track including areas not normally used on club days like sidings and engine shed yard. - Richard has glued back most of the damaged signals, before we lose all the bits. - Dennis has started to fill in gaps in boards with no hedges, which still have to be cut to shape.


Ken Jones - Happy Modelling

by Phil Hunt and on Sunday by Nigel Harrold. On Sunday ‘The Chairman’ Ken came as a paying visitor and then stayed to do Front of House and PR work (We gave him Mike’s lunch as recompense).  (2 happy smiling little souls, I obviously have just discovered the missing lunch. MPT)

The layout was quick to set up and even quicker to dismantle and, after initial bedding in, ran well all weekend. Unfortunately the signals on the anticlockwise circuit (station end) decided to fail

after about the first 5 minutes possibly due to a faulty power supply.

We received many compliments throughout the weekend and spent a lot of time explaining whereabouts Mike lives and where the Sewage Works is situated.  (Bad news, opposite me. MPT)

Tysleley Depot was extremely busy all weekend as there were a number of steam specials and a couple of diesel hauled specials running with extreme frequency. We also have a possible invitation to the Hinckley Show in October depending on transport arrangements. JE

2. Gibben Quarry was at the West Bromwich show on Saturday 8th June. Despite the rain the West Brom club had a good turn out at their Rail Exhibition in Bilston, with a good mix of traders and layouts including N Gauge layouts.

This image from TINGS 2017 (left) - spot the differences with this from West Brom Show (could this be the start of a new feature? Ed) 

(Well I’ve clipped and enlarged them, but think you must try harder!  MPT)