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Operated by Dave Griffin, an exhibition within an exhibition, plenty of added interest at Tipton Hills with a display of JCBs (other farm and construction machines are available - Ed)


The layout will be attending TINGS 2016 the weekend of 10/11th September.


Details at http://www.meridienneexhibitions.co.uk/



This layout, the making of which has kept me off alcohol and cigarettes for these past three and a half years', has been made wholly by myself, with influences from a book called Walsall's Engine Shed, by Jack Haddock, never-ending support from my wife of 40 years and direction from the N Gauge Society Handbook.

I joined the West Midlands N' Gauge Club in 2013, to meet like-minded modellers and to assess if I still had the enthusiasm I remember having as a youngster in the late sixties - I have!

What started out as a shelf layout 36x18inches (for the Remainers that's 90x45cm), loosely based on my home village Bloxwich, has developed into a separated twin track main line with central branch/local goods line and many crossover opportunities, it is now 72x68inches (with a central operating area for two or three people) and viewing from two sides of the rectangular footprint.

The continuous running on Peco radius 4 outer and radius 1 inner, allows shunting operations to be carried out independently from the goods shed at Blochescwic to the turntable in Walshed via radius 3 curves at 'Sandbank'. All cabled and DC powered, the only computing device here being the operator!

The turntable and maintenance yard is very loosely based on Shed 3C at Ryecroft during the late 40s to mid 60s, during which time the shed had its roof removed to facilitate modification to cater for the newfangled diesel maintenance, whilst the nearby Bescot marshalling yard was being upgraded.

My stock is all ready to run, saved up for and purchased from a variety of dealers, sometimes locally in store, or on the obvious auction site and web-based shops.

Now that the scenic side is all but complete, I am starting to make wagon loads, and populate my coaching stock and village area.

As the layout is fictitious, I can run anything I like, however I am attempting to sample history through pre-grouping , grouping, Early and late British Rail and maybe to the present day - and why not?

Even the Western Regionsí Blue Pullman was stabled at Ryecroft after delivering dignitaries to Aston Villa's football ground, from Swansea, for a semi-final of the

1964 FA Cup.

The short representation of a canal has been added during 2016 as an extra interest point at the front of Blochescwic, goods in and out via road and rough paved routes, leading to a long tunnel exit, fictitiously of course, under Sandbank.

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