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I have to put my hands aloft here and say outright that I have pirated this from our chums at Chester Area Group Newsletter (you see Ken I do read what you send me).

If you are going blind, daft, bald, clumsy and senile, like me, this little gimmick could slow the process and remove or delay the onset of insipient insanity. Given a fairly bright light, this really saves a considerable amount of fiddling and struggling.

I quote:

“Chris T found details of this gizmo on the N Gauge Forum (of which he is not a member!) its basically a fish plate putteronner. (I feel this word should be immediately put in the Oxford English Dictionary, my spell-checker took immediate exception to it, so I told it to “remember”  and “add” .MPT)  Apologies to the author, TrevL


Take a piece of scrap rail and put a slight bend in it, not too much or it will crack.  
Solder another piece side by side to it to form a handle.  Slide on a fishplate (rail joiner) to the short part up to the bend, and solder into position. Cover the handle with plastic tube/ heatshink/Insulating tape or whatever.

Adjust length of "sharp end" so it will take HALF of a fishplate. Smooth it off to remove any burrs, so a fishplate is an easy fit, ie, no tools are required to put one on.”

If you have any queries go to :- http://chestermodelrailwayclub.com/

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I drove to Stafford MRC show on Sunday, 3 halls of models, trade and stands.  The models were of quite high quality, but I did not stay long, as, quite frankly I was bored. There seemed to be a plethora of small models, which although nicely constructed and well finished, were really only one or two small engines shuffling three or four trucks around a very limited yard. A nice model but very limited in entertainment value at what seemed to be a large exhibition for the entertainment of punters, who pay good money to come through the door.


 A large number of the models seen were DCC, why? Given that a lot were so small that the complication of DCC was to say least overkill, very expensive and must add to the complexity. Of course, they all had sound!!However, the many comments made in the media and websites concerning the general mind destroying racket which used to accompany DCC models does in some measure seem to have been heeded and the levels are in most cases now more subdued.


Have you ever looked down a bus or train recently and noticed that most of the occupants are totally ignoring their fellow passengers and the world around them to ensure they can have their heads buried in small plastic oblongs which require constant button pushing; well it is now just the same with exhibitors at a model railway exhibitions. Anytime a change or manipulation of a model was required the “mobile phone” was clutched in a hot little hand and minutes of button pushing ensued, which was then translated into a point change and a loco moving a foot to eighteen inches, whereupon further frenzied button pushing ensued. Actual human contact or discussion regarding the model now seems most unlikely; perhaps I could get an “app” or a DCC program to enable me to contact the button pusher inside the model. The larger models seemed to display a time lag between movements, which left money paying customers with nothing to watch and no-one to talk to; why? I would suggest that the reason was fairly obvious, those in charge of a large model with many locomotives, points and signals to call up were heavily engaged in much button pushing to get their train started, while getting up to speed by small increments seemed to involve a furious hammering of the controller screen (my suggestion: there is a fortune to be made for anyone who can train woodpeckers to operate a DCC controller). 


With the advent of the £55 wagon, I barely bother the retailers, other than to give a cursory look. Most seem to be offering the same items, while 2nd hand stock now costs more than it did originally, despite showing years of use. Further, no one seems to stock useful items to repair current models, or the 2nd hand ones (which usually require attention) this I presume is the result of cosy arrangements between the manufacturers and certain overpriced retailers. I hasten to add that I do not include BR Lines in this statement, whose consistently good services and prices have saved me more than once (for anyone prone to finger pointing, I am just a customer who passes on a good thing).


However, I refuse to be downhearted, HS2 and Brexit will fix everything and we will go forward into the sunlight uplands with bulging wallets, good thoughts, nice food and plenty of it, while those in charge continue to look after our interests without fear or favour……...just don’t hold your breath or bother going to the NHS or hospital if you do or something mars your day!



put fishplate on the  tool, offer it up to the rail to be joined, slide it on, if you have your easy fit correct, when you remove the tool, it'll leave the rail joiner behind in the correct position.