Text Box: MPT’s Miscellaneous Copy
The rantings expressed in this bit do not necessarily reflect those of the Chairman or indeed any individual club member. 
On the other hand - they might. May also contain nuts.

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Text Box: Picture (left)

When I first saw this “diorama” in the Newsletter I thought “by god, the lads modelling skills have improved”.
I think it was the clear blue sky that confused me. I don’t think I’ve one that clear or that blue for years.

I thought the perspective was very good, with the towers and pylons were giving an accurate sense of distance. Alas, they cheated!

You really can’t trust anybody these days.

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Text Box: Antique For Sale
Here is our first offering; a sort of “genuine” Queen Anne 18th Century “thing” with twisted legs (sorry “knurled” legs). “Are you sure, I thought knurling was something invented by Michael Bentine”. 
Note the delicate decoration around the top, true artistry. The beautiful cobalt blue mock-satin finish to the interior for the retention of (What did it used to hold dear? What! I cant put that!) sundry items. It also has keyless entry to aid access, a recently added feature, you can see the locking mechanism in the foreground of the picture (right) and you can see that it is in fact keyless. It has a plaque in its top left-hand corner, which, with a little work, will enable you to personalise this truly amazing piece of “objet d’art” as it sits in the………….
We have not yet formally offered this for sale, but we will notify you of where it will be entered in an auction sale in the future.                                    MPT 

I am most sorry to report that this valuable and superb piece has been removed from sale and our chairman has instructed me supply the following information:- 
First picture of what will become my new layout – a cutlery box with its own built in legs so that it could be used as an occasional table. Although I already have a cutlery box layout, that is a T gauge layout with gardens and lawn by Rodney, this will become an  N gauge layout and has already been named Club 143 to showcase some 1:143 rolling stock.
Such a cutlery box /  table would have been quite expensive in its day – it still has the original plaque inside which reads “From Friends at Wesleys” 7/9/35 – anyone recognise a company called Westleys? The plaque is staying but the rest will be gutted.
It came without any cutlery for the extortionate price of £10.              Best wishes,  Ken.

Going for a big layout this time, Eh Ken!        He ruins all my fun,  MPT