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How We Got Here And From Where

The West Midlands Area Group was formed in September 1995 by Geoff Waters, and meetings were originally held at Langley Hall in Warley. It was decided that meetings would be held on the third Saturday of each month.  No annual membership was to be charged,  but it was felt that a £2 attendance fee (it has since risen to £3; inflation you know. We will all be paupers soon) should be levied to cover costs re the hall, tea etc., however, guests should not be charged for attending. It was decided that major investments in the model should be levied by separate invitation as and when needed. A Committee was appointed .......we were ready to go!


Planning of the Club model began and after considerable research and thought, and we began construction of a 20ft model based on a combination of Hatton and Yeovil Pen Mill. which, we christened Waterstock (a small village between Thame and Oxford) and which we hoped, would eventually join the exhibition circuit, .


Subsequently, Ken Jones took over the helm as Chairman after the unfortunate death of our founder, and we moved the club to larger (and cheaper) premises in The Church Hall at St.Michael and All Angels in Causeway Green Road, Langley, Warley. This remained our home-base until we were advised that the site was to be redeveloped.

A long search for a suitable Clubhouse resulted in a further move to our present location at Tipton Green Methodist Hall, where we will remain for the

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Chairman  Jeremy Edwards

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snail mail=  Jeremy Edwards, 44 Terry Drive

Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. B76 2PT

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foreseeable future.

Once there we swiftly settled in and found the facilities provided to be most agreeable. We had our own large room in which a 20ft model could be erected with space to spare , and not only was the room its’ self secure from outside interference (securely lockable), which we found to be of great benefit in many ways, it also had its’ own storage facility, again fully lockable. We did not think things could be any better.


Waterstock swiftly moved forward until it reached the “decorating”  stage, at which point “driver” training began in earnest, which then began to show up any weaknesses or desirable changes needed in the electrical systems. These adjustments continued while the scenic experts began sowing grass etc. and members began producing trees, buildings, bridges, signals and all the other paraphernalia which goes on a railway site. These were then brought into the club and built into the landscape.


It was then noticed by Mike Turner just how many diesels club members had, most of which, strictly speaking, should not run on Waterstock at exhibitions, it being built in a form which would probably have existed between the years say 1910-1965, and may have ceased to exist after Dr. Beeching had finished swinging his axe. So he agreed to fund a second model based on diesel or “Modern Image” practices. This was Water Orton, which has been temporary mothballed for financial reasons and is being temporarily replaced by a shoe-string variant of the same model called Whartson Hall.


The 3rd model is a small rabbit warren type called Tipton Hills. This model  can be operated by a minimal number of members and has the potential to allow potential junior modelers to “have a go” !  It proved most successful, and has been followed by another small model Gibben Quarry, which should join the circuit shortly


Waterstock has made it on to the Exhibition circuit, while also appearing in the Railway Modeller in a 5 page spread, but there remains many refinements to be added to Waterstock. So it is a case of “you ain’t seen nothing yet” and onward and upward.

Text Box: Waterstock, Tipton  Hills and others are now available for Exhibitions, some at short notice, please contact our Dave for details at:-

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