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Whilst searching for an Nn3 loco, Ken found this 1:900 ‘layout’ in the corner of his pocket.     (I know, deep pockets, short arms.  Ed )

Other business:

These are some of the newer N scale model motor vehicles that

are available in the usual outlets, with estimated prices.

Oxford Diecast

Commercial vehicles

NFDE004 Ford 400E Van - Royal Mail                  £4.50

NFT012 Ford Transit Mk5 Stobart Rail Low          £4.50

NTIL004 Austin Tilly Light AA Brigade                £4.50




NTRAIL004 Mobile Trailer Walls                          £4.00




Military ground vehicles

NMN007 Mini Car - RAF                                       £4.00



 Have you seen this thing? It puts Z and T gauges to shame. It is miniscule and I do mean miniscule


It would fit into one of my larger coat pockets. Ken is always saying his models take 10  minutes to set up and run while others take forever. Well this one you literally take out of your pocket put it on the table and plug it in.


If it takes 2 minutes from arrival to running your talking too much!!!!

Yes, you've guessed it; it follows the Henry Ford principle:

“You can have any colour you want, so long as it is GREY”! 



1. Just a reminder that our Exhibition Manager is David Griffin, contactable at: davejgriffin@outlook.com

2. Diary Dates for Ken:

Sat 9th March - Wombourne show Salverton

Sat 30th March - Belper show Waterfall Junction, Kenstadt, The Works

Mon 27th May - MBF at Wythall Salverton (to be confirmed)

Sat 17th August - Milton Keynes exhibition Tennis Court Siding

Sat/Sun 14/15 Sept - TINGS Waterfall Junction

Sat 28th September - Eurorail exhibition Kenstadt

Sun Oct 13th - Zedex Kendorf

Sat Oct 19th - Wombourne show Kenstadt

Sat Oct 26th - Birmingham show Salverton

3. Rodney & Christine on their travels, a varied schedule includes Hawkins Halt at the following shows

May 18/19th - Stourbridge

September 6/7/8th - Swindon

Other business:

1. Don’t forget the excellent video from TINGS 2018   https://youtu.be/xZzvs0MpPqk

50 minutes of TINGS 2018 - almost like being there - watch out for West Midlands’ members.

Our largest, exhibition-standard layout Waterstock (with

Whartson Hall in the background)

Bring your own stock

for a long run out!