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Vol 22 Issue 3   Sept 2019

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Members Contributions


TRANSFORMATION                                                                                                                                                                                               By Rodney Hodge

Here is my latest Oxford N Scale Transport Transformation, based on the new Sandy Kydd Scania T cab Low Loader (NTCAB006) and the TV programme Train Truckers.

Using 2 models I cut the 6 wheel chassis section from one model and inserted it into the second model behind the winch unit which is yet to be built, watch this space.

CHARLOTTE STREET             Episode 4                                                             By Jeremy Edwards

Whilst building Charlotte Street, certainly in the latter stages, Mark II was being planned. Each layout so far has been an experiment to try out techniques ready to embark on a major project. The concept for Mark II is that it will be on proper baseboards with full control including points and signals. In addition the buildings are proposed to be constructed from plastic rather than card and paper and hopefully many will be scratch built. In addition to the major scenic works one aspect of construction was to complete small ‘cameos’ and smaller scale detail. The station garden is fenced off with Slaters Midland Railway fencing; the bean poles are a Noch product laser cut in thin wood.


A particular project in the goods yard area is an old coach grounded on timbers formerly used as a temporary office and mess room after the goods yard was bombed. I managed to pick up a “Shredded Wheat” coach for £2.50 at a show and converted it by removing it from its chassis an mounting it on pieces of matchstick. The tarpaulin covering damage to the roof was made from a double thickness of tissue glued down by soaking it with craft pva before using acrylic paint. The body was painted in a sort of khaki colour and weathered by dry brushing with dark earth and then a ‘dust’ wash. Photo on the left is the original coach as purchased, second photo is the coach prior to final weathering and bedding in with static grass. The scenic side of the layout is further developing with the addition of undergrowth, trees etc. I have invested in a static grass applicator which is basically a metal sieve with a handle and some electrics. Having helped to static grass another layout I am aware of how they work and they seem much better for covering larger areas than the plastic bottle method. Lots of little details have been applied like station nameboards made from thin card and headless dressmaking pins, somewhat overscale plant pots and a coal yard including a set of coalmen from P & D Marsh.

Operation of the layout is based on Midland Region stock and practice. Trains arrive from several destinations: local passenger services from Bath and Gloucester, semi fast service from Birmingham via Gloucester, a shuttle service from the Western Region station, coal traffic between the Midlands and the south west, local goods services, parcels services. A small fleet of suitable locomotives is being built up, either ex LMS or BR Standard classes with ex LMS Stanier coaches for the semi fast and suburban coaches for the local service. The Western Region shuttle is made up from a Class 122 diesel unit, 64xx 0-6-0T with autotrailer or a B set and 61xx 2- 6-2T. The station pilot will be a 3F 0-6-0T (Jinty) and it is assumed that it will be offstage in the fiddle yard area when not required. J.E.

ON THE BUSES        with Ken Jones

Readers will know how scarce the N gauge white metal kit from K & B Models of a Bradford trolleybus is, so when Ken found one for 50p a few months ago he had to buy it. However it was badly damaged following a rear end collision, which meant it had no poles, a damaged roof and back - in fact only a film of paint was acting as the rear. It also had a front wheel missing and Ken knew this would be a major restoration to be done

in the future. However Malcolm Hall offered to do the restoration at his workshop in Grimsby where the trolleybus has been fully restored, including scratch built trolley poles. Malcolm also undertook a full repaint into Bradford Livery and it now looks like one of the best K & B Models ever seen.

It came by special delivery to Ken while he was at TINGS this year. An article on the K & B trolleybus can be found in one of the 2019 editions of the NGS Journal.

Ken is still looking for a unbuilt K & B N gauge trolleybus in original box.