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Our main Club layout WATERSTOCK......



No this isn't two photos!


If you're wondering how the fiddle yard joins onto the main part of the layout, come and have a look!


Meetings are held at Tipton Green

Methodist Church Hall

Park Lane West, TIPTON,

West Midlands, DY4 8LD


Please use rear entrance at

church hall

Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd

Saturdays in each month



August 6th 20th

September 3rd 17th

October 1st 15th

November 5th 19th

December 3rd AGM

January 2017 7th 21st

Meetings will be from 2pm Ė 5pm.

If in doubt, please ring first.

For more information call Ken Jones on 0121 777 7062

Email or

see Website

Any changes to these dates will appear on our website and in our quarterly newsletter. Please use the rear entrance to gain access to the club rooms. If you are in doubt, please call/ring first, especially if you are travelling any distance.


Text Box: Now wait a minute.  I helped build this this thing and I donít remember it doing this. Somebody has been at the jiggery-pokery again. Donít look at me, I am no good with computers and photography; just look at this website if you need proof.
Iíve got it! Its all done with mirrors!