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As I get my pension from February, although Iím not giving up work, Iíve decided to treat myself to a new z gauge layout. Iíve paid the deposit and am collecting it after my birthday. Itís been built by† and hereís a taster of what it will look like. Currently I havenít named it. I hope to be able to take it to Zedex in October, and other events in the autumn.

I thought I would update you all on some of my layouts and pictures. My website kenjonestrains was hacked in 2015 and Iíve made the decision to leave it off line, anyway Iíve lost the domain name now. Thanks to Jules who created it in the first place and Rob Sly who had been hosting it for me.


I do about 7 to 8 model railway exhibitions a year and finished for this year at the Weston-on Trent show, one Iíve been supporting since it started in 2012. So it was nice to take back my suitcase layout which I took to the very first show there. The 2017 show will be on Saturday 11th November.


Already Iím booked for 6 model railway exhibitions for 2017 and hopefully my N gauge bus layout ďTennis Court SidingsĒ will be at some including TINGS. This year The West Midlands N Gauge Club had 4 membersí layouts there and one club layout, and we are hoping to have a similar number there next year.


Tennis Court Sidings

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