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Do You Have a Resident Expert?

The Continuing saga of a waif & stray

You may remember the importation of a small hairy beast into family circle to assist with the Club’s duties both from a modelling view point and as an IT specialist.


As is normal in this world things move forward, experts grow and change their ideas and this expert has decided that by and large I should be left to my devices, while he investigates other things. He now seems to be passing through a “Professor Challenger” phase (explorer) and disappears into the jungles surrounding the estate looking for wild animals to “observe”.


He returns periodically looking for further supplies and water, and to go to the loo!

Regrettably, I have done little railway modelling of any sort recently and he has not been called upon to give support or advise. He seems to have now taken to assisting with Sudoku when I relax and nose rubbing at 2.30am to check that “all is well”, luckily he doesn’t seem to have a lantern, or, thank god a hand bell.


He has dabbled with gardening, while assisting Ann, but merely sees this as an extension of throwing cat litter about the room, which he is very good at. He has also begun to take an interest in railway modelling and insists on inspecting anything and everything very closely, which I suppose is no bad thing.

From the “sniffy” look I got afterwards, I think it is case of “must try harder” or a “B-” on the exam paper.


I must report that he seems very happy here and while he may not be a “Lady Millicent” who had very definite ideas about everything and was quite prepared to discuss things she didn’t like on her patch. She was the only cat I have ever met who when spoken to, would reply. I grant you it was a “meow”, but her responses were varied in tone and delivery, depending on the question.

Oh, sorry, animals don’t think do they!!!


Here is the young maestro taking his ease after a heavy bout of training me in IT procedures and construction techniques. Note he disappears into the fluffy comfort of the new play station nest.

Here is the expert in full flow, giving detailed instructions in how what goes together to create a steady and stable platform.

Apparently, this same procedure is very useful in baseboard construction.

Here is the young maestro taking his ease after a heavy bout of exploring between intermittent naps. Note how he disappears into the fluffy comfort of the play station nest.

I wonder if he is planning a garden railway?

The stock box undergoes close examination, from all angles!