Volume 19 Issue 2  July 2016

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Blochescwic and Walshed was transported and set up at our Sat 18th June meeting,

downstairs in the Church Hall, for a trial run in preparation for its first fully public showing at TINGS 2016.

My thanks to Philip Hunt and Dave Griffin, in particular, for their help in moving and setting up.

I have to say it did not go without a hitch, the newly engineered support trestles didn't

quite fit and necessitated a short lumberjack session, complete with a rendition of the obvious Monty Python song!

On the whole I was very pleased with this second private showing, in preparation for the big one in September.


STOP PRESS, latest video, outdoors on one of our summer days, can be seen at:-



The superb model by Tony and Jane Minchin, brought out of mothballs for

TWWTP 10th April, alongside more of their creations Arley and Bridgnorth.