Volume 19 Issue 1  April  2016

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A chance purchase of a family with barbecue for the garden completed the scene. Some Brawa working lamps (two in the street and one in the factory yard) powered from an old transformer unit I had in a drawer plus a few vehicles and people in the yard and factory area finished things off as far as they ever can be said to be finished!


Total purchases: 2 points, factory kit, house kit, 2 tester pots, 2 packs of Noch figures and a few vehicles. Everything else was recycled, scrounged, or lying around in the I'll find a use for it one day drawer. 


If you're on a budget then, as the saying goes


That's The Way To Do It!!

And MORE members' layouts shown recently shown at TWWTP

Ken with Salverton

Made in 2013 from many second hand and donated parts.

Rodney and Christine Hodges

 with Charlieville