Vol 21 Issue 2          June 2018

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Vince’s Day Out

Research for Bescut & Walshed, during a day off from work, walked

the length of Besot Track Maintenance Depot taking the signposted

Public Footpath, following the course of the River Tame.             VP

Jeremy strikes again :  Branch line to Elizabeth Wharf


Following on from my Canal Wharf (Elizabeth Wharf as it became known) layout in four box files I decided to embark on a second project. The project false-started before Christmas when I purchased materials such as box files, mounting board and foam board and joined the box files together. Much conceptual haggling and arguing took place in my mind until I 8inally resolved

what I wanted to do and some scenic involvement in Warley MRC’s “Hawes Junction” layout provided the final push.

Phase two of planning involved taking Ken’s comments on board and converting the idea to a running layout with an external length of track at each end to allow me to run a train through. This might also permit the layout to be combined with the original layout. Planning phase three reverted to the original idea as it would make the layout too cumbersome.

Why opt for a non-working diorama? The 8irst thing to point out that I intend to build at least two more layouts once my 8inancial situation is 8inally sorted (any time now!) as a part of a ‘Grand Scheme’ – more of which I will elaborate on elsewhere – so this would give me an interim project. I also wanted somewhere to photograph some of my modelling and weathering work on wagons etc as the front of the wharf layout did not fold down and restricted camera angles. My third reason for building the layout was (as with the wharf layout) to practise my skills and try some ideas out (for example the wharf was built with Code 80 Setrack and I wished to try Code 55).


The concept has taken several forms over the planning stage but basically it is a length of track in a board made from two box files joined together. At the outset Ineed to emphasise that this is a non-working diorama (much to Ken Jones’ disgust).