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It has finally filtered through to me that my attempt to alter the “link” system to make it easier and less onerous on site, is not all it was cracked up to be. I am trying to think of a better way for the future but as a stop-gap I offer this guide:-

If want something specific press “club models” or “articles” etc. and it will take you to list of what’s available and you can take your choice. If you want to see everything in order link to “page 2” and keep pressing “fwd”. If want to go backward or forward by page, press “back” or “forward” in the page link boxes at the top or bottom. If you want to start a fresh viewing press “home” and start again. On the final page is a red button, press it and you have 5 seconds

before the site self destructs.        


Website 56 Update:


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MODELLERText Box: Waterstock & others are available  for Exhibitions  (Click Page.2)  
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Come & Join Us   (This might just be page.3)

The Clubs Models  Choose, use “Fwd” for pages.

Articles  Click & choose. Use “Fwd” for pages.

Newsletter  Click & choose. Use Fwd for pages.

An Ex-Bin With A View

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